The Workshop


The workshop is for all skillsets.

Bring it!

Tokyo Office, Conference Room
2-27, Shimomiyabi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0822

Languages represented are English, Spanish and Japanese. Workshops will be held in English.


This workshop will NOT include busy work or lengthy lectures. It WILL be fundamentally focused on actually ‘doing the work’ and learning by experience and practice.

Expand your knowledge of lettering and the process of creating it in an analog and digital environment.

Learn about alternate methods and instruments used to create lettering and calligraphic pieces.

Technique and Process… how do you get from a thumbnail sketch to a composition.

Learn how to take that final drawing and properly digitize it for use in contemporary applications.

Relax and develop a fresh perspective on your work and the work of lettering and type professionals.

Dates and Price

May 16–17, 2015
Tokyo, Japan

Until March 15
$525 USD

After March 15
$600 USD

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