Crafting A Workshop That Balances Both Worlds

This is what Tickling Béziers Japan is… Type. Lettering. Calligraphy. Techniques. Ale. Neil. All wrapped up in an immersive environment in the Japanese countryside with a side of wasabi. Unwind, explore, reconnect and re-energize with a balance of east and west context, traditional and modern techniques, in class and field trip exercises. One minute you'll be studying swashes and the next you'll be on your way to stone carving demo or practicing Japanese calligraphy… Udon, Sushi, Swashes, oh my! LEARN MORE →


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Unique To Tickling Béziers Japan


Use Your Hands

Go old school, pick up a pencil, grab a brush and learn techniques from the masters.

Use Your Laptop

That's right. Learn proper digitizing techniques and workflows to make your lettering truly flexible.

Explore Calligraphy & More

Traditional calligraphic techniques (Latin & Japanese), stone carving, wood block printing. Expose yourself to all of it.

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One Week In Japan with Ale & Neil

Short biographies for these guys really aren’t needed. Between Ale and Neil, they have released hundreds of typefaces, created memorable lettering pieces, taught hours of workshops and classes, and have been lucky enough to win a lot of awards. These two guys are uniquely qualified to help you expand your understanding of both traditional and digital lettering techniques — and have fun doing it.

Neil Summerour

Neil Summerour

Type & Lettering Provocateur |

Ale Paul

Alejandro Paul

The Original Swashbuckler |